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car wash

TotalEnergies offers you a quality manual car wash as well as advanced cleaning services such as the automatic car wash so that you can benefit from high-quality cleaning products, a professional service and a wide range of programs at different rates.

Manual wash available at: TotalEnergies Achrafieh, TotalEnergies Antelias 2, TotalEnergies Arges, TotalEnergies Bachoura, TotalEnergies Dora Seaside, TotalEnergies Borj Abi Haidar, TotalEnergies Camelia, TotalEnergies Colline Ain Saade, TotalEnergies Corniche du fleuve, TotalEnergies Damour Nord, TotalEnergies Damour Ouest, TotalEnergies Deir El Qamar, TotalEnergies Dora, TotalEnergies Golf, TotalEnergies Jamhour, TotalEnergies TAL Jdeideh, TotalEnergies Jdeideh 2, TotalEnergies Jnah, TotalEnergies Jounieh, TotalEnergies Ketermaya, TotalEnergies Louaizeh, TotalEnergies Mazraa, TotalEnergies Medawar, TotalEnergies Moussaitbeh, TotalEnergies AL Naccache, TotalEnergies Naher el Mott, TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim, TotalEnergies Tripoli Behssas, TotalEnergies Verdun, TotalEnergies Tripoli and TotalEnergies Metn Express.

TotalEnergies service stations provide an automatic car wash service to all those who wish to offer their car a unique washing experience! With soft brushes and biodegradable products, car bodies will maintain their glow and colors. A very important point for the environment: the automatic car wash at TotalEnergies service stations is equipped with a water-recycling system saving up to 80% of water consumption.

Find our automatic car wash service at: 

Mount Lebanon

TotalEnergies Antelias 2

TotalEnergies Camelia

TotalEnergies Jamhour

TotalEnergies Jounieh

TotalEnergies Nahr Al Mott

Are you in a hurry? Our Wash & go service offer you the possibility to wash you car in 10 minutes.

Indicate your choice to the TotalEnergies Liban team at the service station:

Mount Lebanon

TotalEnergies Camelia

TotalEnergies Antelias 2

TotalEnergies Jamhour

TotalEnergies Jounieh

TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott